Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Naf Naf Grill By: Aaron

Aaron is an elementary school teacher who loves going to see bands play, reading, and watching sports. He enjoys dining out because it is time spent with friends and family without worry, and a reason to celebrate or try new things. Aaron's favorite kind of food in Chicago-style pizza from Burt's Pizza.

The most delicious single bite of food in the Chicago land area exists in Naperville. The flavors, textures, and layers of the falafel sandwich found at Naf Naf Mediterranean Grill perfectly marry to create a simply divine, yet foodgasmic morsel. The handmade pita pillows nestle a handsomely dressed (with chili paste, tahini and pickled vegetables) falafel. By itself, the falafel is a delectable bite: warm, savory, spicy and crunchy - tucked gently under its pita blanket; anxiously awaiting like kids on Christmas Day, to erupt from slumber and celebrate a joyous occasion. Simply put, it is a profound eating experience.
Located off of I-88 and the Naperville Rd. exit, Naf Naf is very accessible, has ample parking, and is reasonably priced. Since it moved locations, it is seemingly constructed more for the lunch crowd than a family dinner; which shouldn’t be a deterrent as families are welcome and there is plenty of space to sit and eat, but the restaurant does lack character.
The sterility is easily overlooked with all of the singing and dancing from the falafel sandwich taking place on the taste-buds which is why Naf Naf Mediterranean Grill keeps me coming back – it makes all falafel sandwiches in the greater Chicago land area pedestrian. The average cost is about $10 per person.

Naf Naf Grill
1739 Freedom Drive, Suite 109
Naperville, IL. 60563


  1. Great review! I look forward to checking Naf Naf out the next time I'm in the area!

  2. That means you never tried Jerusalem Cafe of Oak Park. Naf Naf food does not compare with Jerusalem food in Oak Park except for the bread part, I give them that much.


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