Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Click Your Heels Three Times By: KD King, featured Check, Please! Guest

 KD King is an erotic romance novelist from Hazel Crest. She was a guest on the latest new episode of Check, Please! as she recommended her favorite restaurant Mabovi. KD loved her experience of being on the show and is excited to share her love for Chef Bea's Afro Caribbean creations with all of you.

Say it with me “There’s No Place Like Home, There’s No Place Like Home.” Well unless you decide to stop by Mabovi restaurant. No sparkling red heels needed. Come and bring an empty stomach.
When I first heard of Mabovi it was through one of my women’s groups. We had plans to go and check out the cuisine. At the time Mabovi was in Matteson. Unfortunately, I was busy that day and couldn’t make it. But I made appoint to remember the name so I could check it out on my own. I am familiar with both West African and Caribbean cuisine, so I knew it was a place I wanted to try. I love oxtails. And I grab at any chance to find a place that makes good ones. 

When I finally decided to try the restaurant out, they had moved to their Hazel Crest Location. In fact they had just moved. So it was only a take out window and two small tables pushed against the window. No more than four people could “dine-in” at once. 

I sat and studied the menu trying to figure out what I wanted. That’s what happens when you wait until you are hungry. Well she was baking some bread to take over to the fire department and just pulled some loaves out. 

“Here try this.” Bea, the owner, gave me a fresh baked roll.
I knew then and there this would be a place that would not disappoint. The bread melted in my mouth. Filled with nuts and cranberries it was unlike any roll I had ever had. I know many people are carb addicts. They love bread and the like. I’m not one of those people. But in that moment. I became one. I craved the bread. And I was sure to order an extra piece with my meal. And I have from that day on.
I decided on the curry lamb shank. She recommended it to me. I decided to eat at one of the two tables. I was not prepared for the Fred Flinstone portion of meat on one of the biggest plates I have ever seen served at a restaurant. Curry lamb shank, rice and peas, and steamed cabbage. I ate, and ate, and ate. Then I took the other half home. 
The food was great, but I’ve never felt so welcomed. The owner talked to me, recommended food, we talked about her expansion of the restaurant, and why she moved. I was no longer eating by a window in a small restaurant. I was enjoying a meal at home. It was that experience in addition to the food that had me coming back for more and more and more. And yes her oxtails are delicious.

I finally made it to another event with my women's group at Mabovi. This time she served family style because the group was so large. The food kept coming, the laughter never stopped, she talked to everyone, walked them through, made her special peach tea type concoction and made sure that everyone left full. Well full is an understatement. We were stuffed. Somehow we had managed to eat our weight in food. Afterwards we lingered, relaxed, and sipped tea. That’s when I knew. I could no longer keep this gem to myself. I had to tell everyone about Mabovi. A home away from home. I didn’t have to kill a witch and travel down a road to find Mabovi. Just a hop, skip, and a jump away and I found another home. 

Mabovi African & Caribbean Restaurant
17100 Dixie Highway
Hazel Crest, IL 60429
(708) 206-1900

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