Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Perfect Meal By: Emilie Yount

Emilie is an editor from Andersonville. She loves to read, travel and considers herself a fan of everything Harry Potter. Emilie watches Check, Please! to see how different people view things in different ways. She thinks its interesting to see how the food, especially spicy food, tastes to other customers. Some people may think something is too spicy, but Emilie says, bring it on!
Twist is a restaurant in Chicago in the oddest of areas. When you think of Wrigleyville, you likely imagine 20-somethings stumbling down Clark Street in a drunken haze to the next sports bar that smells of stale beer. In the case of Twist, a plethora of delights are encased in a tiny storefront just near the corner of where Clark intersects with Sheffield. I have been back dozens upon dozens of times to savor in what this quaint tapas restaurant has to offer. It can get super-crowded due to its size, and although I have spotted quite a few first dates there, it isn't ideal in terms of romance. It is, however, an excellent place for a group to converge over an array of red and white sangrias and chat the night away.

Tapas are the best way to get to know the people around you or reconnect with your dinner party. Sharing food allows people to converse and discuss and, of course, allows you the chance to dabble when it comes to your meal. How many times have you ordered an entree that you were unhappy with and spent the majority of the meal eyeballing the lovely entree your dining partner has ordered? Tapas allow you to sample, which means you will be happy with most items, but more than likely, there will be standouts to remember for your next visit.

Twist has a price per plate that can't be beat. I have definitely been to my fair share of tapas places, and there is no silly gimmick here. They have quick service and bring the items out as they become available. You can sit in the front section, which rises upon the rest of the restaurant and looks out onto Sheffield or at the tables that line the restaurant wall. You also have the choice to sit in front of the cook station, which smells like heaven. Some of the items are are continuously stellar are subtly spicy jalapeno gnocchi, the tuna cannelloni stuffed with tuna, asparagus and basil in a white wine vinaigrette and tomato basil sauce, the lobster ravioli with sun-dried tomatoes, stuffed mushrooms roasted with sauteed spinach and Monterey Jack cheese, the beef tenderloin crusted with delicious blue cheese and the Paella Twist, which combines chicken, calamari, mussels and shrimp with saffron rice. I can honestly say I have never had a disappointing visit here. Your options are endless, from cold to hot tapas (veggies, meat, cheese- whatever you are craving) and a full bar selection. People who don't like small spaces need not apply, but I am all about the food. If it's good, I will come back, and in this case, it's great. The sangria selection doesn't hurt, either (red being a mainstay but always in addition to a summer option). If you want to meet up with old friends or meet new ones, this is the place.

3412 North Sheffield
Chicago, IL 60657
(773) 388-2727


  1. I absolutely adore TWIST!

  2. Great Review! I will definitely have to check out Twist!


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