Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Chicago Fire House By: Jahan Kashani


Jahan is an executive assistant who enjoys savory comfort food. Jahan will drink a suggested complimentary wine with her meal but otherwise she chooses water or tea. She is also willing to drive pretty far for quality food; sometimes she takes the two-hour trip to Lake Geneva to get a great meal. She thinks that the food is what eating out is all about. She says great food can come from the scariest looking restaurant. 

It was 2007 when I had to host a regional conference for the company I was working with. I had to set up an exclusive dinner that night for the panel of executives that were attending. I chose to choose a place special to Chicago that was not the same old chain steak house… Where?  Chicago Fire House. I called them handled the logistics of the dinner and attending a menu tasting to make sure our companies guests would be satisfied. That great thing about CFH is that their food is so luxurious but not their setting. It is cozy, warm and comfortable. You’re treated well and fed even better. My experience was so great that I hosted a private party for my family.

My family is easy to please, I can say, Old Country Buffet has my family on their VIP List. Bringing them to CFH was going to be an event. I booked “The Mayor’s Room” which is warm and elegant room containing floor to ceiling mahogany panels with large windows and hardwood floors and created a pre-fixed menu. They were extremely impressed with the environment but excited for the special Chicago Fire House Chilled Seafood Display that included crabmeat, oysters, large cocktail shrimp and plenty of mignonette sauce.  Next was the lobster bisque. Yes, a heavy soup but salads are salads and I wanted them to enjoy drinking the rich smooth savory flavor that CFH creates in the Lobster Bisque. I could bathe in that soup. As that is not possible, I tried my best to enjoy every last drop without bathing the bowel with my tongue.  Main course was varied, lobster for my mother, steak for my father, salmon for my sister-in law and so on. Everything was cooked perfectly. Smelled decadent and tasted flawless. They serve the best quality food and you can taste it.  Lastly, (yes, we Kashani’s had enough room) we opted for cheesecake with the savoriest fresh raspberry sauce. It had a great tartness that did not make the dessert overly sweet. The entire meal was overly satisfying to the point I have started a tradition for myself with Chicago Fire House.

 Every Christmas Eve, I reserve a half-circle booth in the main dining area and treat myself to a great Christmas feast. It is a time for me to reflect on the holiday. Enjoy a meal with someone I care about and spend time reflecting on the past year. I usually dine for three hours. Enjoying each course and watching the other families dine in delight. I am coming up on my 5th Christmas Eve dining experience at CFH and looking very forward to it. I am often asked why I do not choose another place. Simply put, would you sample another grandmother’s pumpkin pie? No, tradition can be spruced up yes, but always stay in the end I prefer to stay with the one who welcomes me home.

Chicago Fire House
1401 South Michigan Avenue
Chicago, IL 60605-2810
(312) 786-1401

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