Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Restaurant That Keeps Me Coming Back By: Noel

Noel is a professional dancer and dance studio owner from Lincoln Square. She loves Yoga, cooking, wine tasting and photography. She loves trying new foods and being in different atmospheres and she treats dining out as an escape from her typical every day routine because it gives her something to look forward to!

Some of my most memorable restaurant experiences are going to the places that I frequent often. The owners or waiters recognize us, and we are greeted warmly, hence the reason I keep coming back. 

A Greek restaurant in my neighborhood is the perfect example of this warm hospitality. Barba Yianni always serves up authentic and delicious Greek food. The owner has become so familiar with my husband and I that he remembers special occasions, such as birthdays and anniversaries, and on such occasions, is always sure to have a tray of sangria or baklava sent over to our table. My favorite dish to order from Barba Yianni is the Filetto Kotas, which is chicken broiled in lemon juice and Greek seasoning. The chicken is so moist and flavorful. The side dish completes the meal. Consisting of a baked potato, peas and rice, while it sounds pretty standard, the red sauce that tops the vegetables is to die for. It’s rich and gives the vegetables a hearty flavor. I have gone so far as to just order a side of peas, just so I could have the red sauce. One of the best parts about ordering an entrĂ©e is the homemade soup that comes with your order. The egg lemon is amazing, but I don’t think anyone makes a better chicken noodle. It tastes like home. 

Nothing beats walking up to this place on a summer night, sitting outside and drinking a glass of Sangria before a perfect meal of Filetto Kotas, chicken noodle soup, and then topping it off with baklava. 


Barba Yianni
4761 N. Lincoln Ave.
Chicago, IL 60625
(773) 878-6400

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