Thursday, March 1, 2012

Revolution Brewing By: Daniel

Daniel Goodwin is the Associate Director of Operations at CICS Wrightwood  and likes to read, write, and cook! He likes to try new places around the West Town area and always looks to push his own limits. He loves Check, Please! because of the diverse guests and their different views and experiences they have at each restaurants. It also allows him to discover some of the interesting restaurants Chicago has to offer!

The restaurant that keeps me coming back is the unassuming Revolution Brewing.  No frills or thrills, I would consider this an upscale version of the workingman’s pub.  It is a great place to relax and catch a game, while enjoying the company of a few friends and some fantastic hand crafted brews.
The menu boasts appetizers such as the Bacon Fat Popcorn and the Cheddar Ale Soup, but my favorite is definitely the Applewood-Smoked Wings.  The wings have a great smoky taste that provides the right amount of kick to get your taste buds salivating for more.  Did I mention that the wings come with a side of the bleu cheese potato salad?  Pair this with one of their best IPAs, the Anti-Hero, and you have heaven on earth my friends! The slight bitterness of the IPA with the richness of the blue cheese plays melodically on your tongue.
For the main course, my number one choice is the Workingman Burger.  Aged cheddar, beer onion, and bacon is all this guy needs to make this one phenomenal burger.  Cooked medium rare, this burger comes with several options for a side, but take it from me you are a fool if you do not choose the garlic cream cheese mashes potatoes. 
Again, another example of how Revolution gets all of the small things right to make this dining experience one of the best in the City of Chicago.

Revolution Brewing
2323 North Milwaukee Avenue
Chicago, IL. 60647

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