Thursday, January 12, 2012

Pannenkoeken Cafe By: Jerry Weber

Jerry Weber is a Senior Contract Buyer from New Lenox. He is an ultimate Check, Please! fan as Jerry says he's watched every single episode over our 11 season history. While it can be an expensive hobby, Jerry loves checking out as many of the Check, Please! reviewed restaurant as he can. He even created his own Check, Please! database to help him find the perfect dining spot for any occasion.

It's a cool Sunday morning and my wife and I are driving our oldest son back up to his college. We swing by and pick up our oldest daughter who lives up in the Lincoln Square area. We all agree on heading over to Pannenkoeken Cafe for breakfast. My wife and daughter have been raving about this place for a while. They have wanted to take us there, so we decide to go.

Well the place is tiny, even by Chicago breakfast standards. There are only seven tables. They also have one bathroom, so this place is small. We are told there will be a 40 minute wait. So we decide to wander around the Lincoln Square area. Pannenkoeken will call us on our cell phone when a table opens. Well 45 minutes go by and no call. So we head back over to Pannenkoeken. We wait another 20 minutes or so (65 minutes in total) before we get a table. Boy I really hope the food is good in this place!

I order the quality Bacon and Cheese Pannenkoeken (a Dutch pancake) with an extra of quality Sausage. There is also a quality Sausage and Cheese Pannenkoeken, which I could add quality Bacon too, but it costs more. The cheese is Havarti, some of the creamiest and smoothest cheese I have ever had. I also saw a Chocolate Banana Pannenkoeken that includes hazelnuts and whipped cream that sounds totally good but probably way too fattening.

My wife and daughter both ordered the Sausage, Mushroom, and Cheese (again Havarti) Pannenkoeken. My son ordered a Belgian Waffle. He also ordered a side of bacon, he usually does.  Well everyone loved their orders. I; of course, sampled everyone's and would have to agree they were all quite tasty. The thin Dutch pancakes were very good. The price for all four of us, including drinks was around $44 dollars.

The only negatives from our experience besides the incredible wait was Pannenkoeken only takes cash (and the ATM was broken), we think they forgot the side of bacon my son ordered as we had to remind them and even then it took a while to get to us. The plates did take some time to get to us after we ordered (again there are only seven tables) and I would agree with my son that his chocolate milk did taste real funky.

So do we recommend Pannenkoeken for their thin and tasty Dutch pancakes, YES, but be prepared to wait!

Pannenkoeken Cafe
4757 North Western 
Chicago, IL 60625

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